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The Day’s Delight: Adornments

I bought the earrings today– the expensive ones. I’d still be wearing them now if I hadn’t taken them off for an Exhausted Inner Child Nap.

And I cut through the Joy & Co back lot, intending to just stop and high five Christina at her brand spanking new food truck (The Bad Seed!), but couldn’t walk away without a Three Little Pigs sandwich. (Oh My God– bacon-date butter).

I skipped the donut shop altogether, because who needs dessert with an early lunch like that, and shoveled it in my face down by the harbor, even though it was so cold and damp out that my hands were almost numb.

It’s a gift to adorn the body, to feed it good food. What else are we here to do but to adore and be present to this most wonderful house– even when it’s a fucking mess and maybe nothing will ever find its place again?

(Spoiler: it will. Until then, and for the rest of your life, spend your money and your time and your attention on beautiful things– even the ones that are hard to look at).


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