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The Day’s Delight: Apple Blossom Waxwings

I saw beautiful, bronzy waxwings in a neighbor’s apple tree today. I liked that they didn’t lift off and leave when I stopped to watch.

Their eyes would be the envy of any teen: such dramatic winged eyeliner!!

Their wings had a slight outline of white, and went a darker gray around the edges. Some had a brilliant red spot just under their wings.

I moved boxes back and forth, then stopped and watched them: they were eating, but what? I stood still for a bit, and saw… Waxwings eating something in the flowers but also the flowers. They’d dart a black beak forward, pluck a petal from what must have seemed like an infinite source, and gobbled it down.

They kept watch– not over my comings and goings, but over the business of the whole small world turning to summer, of apples becoming apples long before you can tell what they’ll be, and of the warm sun shining on it all.


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