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The Day’s Delight: Earth

A walk after dark with a friend. I spent so much time looking up between the trees that my shoulders are tight and my neck hurts, but how could I not look? Something so pretty and primal draws the eye.

We saw a long line of satellites. I couldn’t not anthropomorphize them: a column of interstellar birds in flight, never lagging or changing speed, cutting across the thickly scattered stars in the most unnatural way.

Loons called out, as if they, too, saw the strangeness of it. I almost couldn’t believe the loons were real: I was wearing a long down coat, boots, and gloves. It didn’t match up with the summery tremolos echoing over the lake.

It was a beautiful night; unplanned and unexpected. A long walk after a day spent walking (in the woods and around town). But a walk with good company can go on forever– and a walk in the dark could take you right up into the sky and you wouldn’t even notice until Elon’s fancy space robots went glide-marching by, and suddenly you’d remember there’s an Earth to be brought back to.


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