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The Day’s Delight: Spring Brooch

How can one day be so full of delights?

I snuggled a cat, took an unplanned and magnificent nap, hiked in the woods in shorts, went to a pizza party, jumped in the Big Lake after dark…

So I’ll pin the moment like a brooch against my heart with this:

Nodding trillium hidden under every trinity of glossy green leaves. The petals curled tightly open, back against themselves, alternating green and white.

The pistils and stamens were so exposed, intense and ready for the pollinators that were coming as surely every other truth of this season.

And the spring beauties, the pale and sometimes shockingly pink hepatica that lined the edges of the muddy path between the maples.

I stopped and bent and looked under almost every leaf, gasping and grinning like a baby playing peek-a-boo: it never gets old, this big reveal:

Here is Beauty.

And here.

And, yes, here, too.


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