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Love Letter no. 1

Where you are is just fine. Allow yourself to be loved, exactly as you are, precisely in this moment. Let the lines around you blur, feel yourself slide into everything else. Feel yourself merge back into your true nature: feel the relief of not holding yourself separate and distinct from the world for a moment.

Who you are in this moment is fine. Who you are right now is good. You are kind and loving. You are wise. You are connected to a wisdom that is ceaseless, whispering always like wind in the grass, like waves on the sand.

And when you are busy, distracted, heartbroken, angry, you are also good and fine then; you are also wonderful and dazzling, glorious, completely loved.

There is nothing that can separate you from Goodness. There is nothing that can divide you from your soul, from your core, from the essence of your being. Even when you feel you are so, so wrong, so far off course, you are still at home in yourself. You are the ship. You are the waves. You are the depths below.

It’s all going to be okay because it all is okay. Let your focus slip. Let your gaze go to that other realm. Put out one small feeler and taste on your tongue the constant, the bottomless power of Trust.

Trust in your greatness.

Trust in your connectedness.

Trust your self.


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