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Love Letter no. 2

This moment is exactly right.

This is exactly the place you are meant to be, with all the feelings that swirl around you.

But you are not those feelings. You are deeper, more, less than; you are complete. You are a planet and they are stars, they are moons, asteroid belts that orbit, drawn by the weight of your being.

But you are not these feelings. You are not this turmoil.

You are steady. You are constant. You are the rock.

You are ever-changing and ceaseless as the sea, as the lift of water vapor into the air and the cascade of rain onto the land.

You are the photosynthesis in the leaf. You are the golden heat in the sun.

You are greater than you see, most days.

You are very great.

In the boundless universe, in the limitless multiverse, every point is the center.

You are the center.

You mistakenly think you are the cause, the fault, the failing, but you are not. You are yourself. If you could learn to see in and around and through yourself, your body, your story, your lifespan, you would witness a mandala. You would see the spiral of a rose. You would open your mouth with an aha! that has been ever on your lips, waiting to be spoken.

In the greatness of life, in the vastness of mystery, you are exactly right, exactly in this moment, and we thank you for it. We are so grateful you are you. We are so honored to cross paths, like comets in space, our purple spangled tails colliding, merging, dividing again.

There is nothing wrong here. You are doing the job that has always been meant just for you. You are taking part in a dance that, seen from a great height, or viewed under a microscope is pure love, pure trust, pure beauty.

Feel the lift in your arms. Feel the stillness in your middle. Feel the twinge in your feet, the poetry on your lips. Trust it all. You are safe in your complete inhabiting of yourself.


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