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Poetry Reading at the North Shore Readers & Writers Festival

I shared songs, poems, and a story at this year's North Shore Readers & Writers Festival, put on by the Grand Marais Art Colony.

It's been really fun lately to be opening my poetry archives. As I say in the reading, I've written for many years but not felt ready to share them until now-- more to come!

Song: Jon på Lon

Poem: Let's Say a Prayer (That the More Things Fall Apart)

Poem: Persephone's First Clean Breath

Poem: No Happy Ending

Poem: Tracks

Story: The Violet, the Peonies, the Death of an Old Woman, and the Cat

Song: Kråkedansen*

*totally not a correct translation! (ha-- stage fumble). It means: we dance the crow's dance, the world is beneath us, no bird flies higher than the crow when she is singing.

What are you digging into as the season shifts and, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere, the clouds hug the ground and the dark stretches longer?


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