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Rest as Clutter Clearing

Fatigue is a form of energetic clutter.

It's the mail stacking up on the table, the clothes on the floor, the crumbs on the counter, the dishes in the sink, the debris at the bottom of the purse.

Does fatigue leave the loose ends unraveled, or do we feel tired because of all the little, trailing tasks-- slowing down like a computer with too many tabs open?

Being alone-- not having any attention drawn to anyone else's energy or imagined needs or opinions-- is still a foolproof tool. (And noticing when I avoid or resist time alone is as obvious an indicator as actively not watering my plants that the system is jammed somewhere).

...And, I think it's time for new language, and to expand to the greater context of which Rest is one part: CLEARING.

My wise and oft-referenced friend, Jon Poppele, uses the phrase "clutter clearing." He's talking about his physical space, but it's what comes to mind for me now: clutter clearing of ideas, tasks, tension, energy, and energy deficits.

I suspect that this means sometimes when I'm feeling tired, the best action will be to wash some dishes, journal, shake, take out the trash, stock the pantry, do some planks, etc, etc.

And then, once the system is at least a little more free of debris, it might very well be time to take a nap.

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