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The Day’s Delight: Banter

A charismatic figure was back in the office today, and we all drew closer– to laugh and tease and joke back and forth. It was a quieter day than we’ve had in a while, and the sun warmed everything, and we opened all the windows to let the air flow in.

I learned that in Georgia people really do boil peanuts: for an hour in the shell with plenty of salt, then let them sit.

“Woke up with pain in toothies” was one appointment note I came across. (Very much in line with the teeny tiny post-its reading “Hi Rose!” from the last time he helped us out.)

No rubber bands were shot at anyone, but they were reminisced. Drum riffs were tapped out on the filing cabinet. Empty, good-natured threats were made in equal measure with mock protests of offense taken.

What is a job but a community, a microcosm of the whole, a cell in a larger body in turn in a larger world? In everything we reach out and then turn inward, expanding and contracting, having a living conversation with ourself and Everything Else. A volley of curiosity and discovery, back and forth.


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