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The Day’s Delight: Beautiful Noise

Music and words and falling snow.

Candles on the concrete.

Silence for George Floyd and the hope that we as a country and a community are making things better, however terribly slowly; that we are turning this abominable ship.

Maya Angelou’s words claimed and blessed with passion and guts.

And me doing A Thing that was once Too Much, Not Allowed, and a whole slew of other Be Small admonishments.

I sang for people. I wasn’t as fluid, as good, as open, as easy as when I practiced on my own. But I think I was better, because I was There. In it. Present. And proud– to show up and share and offer imperfection and feel the goodness of it, the betterness of honesty.

The snow fell outside the pavilion while we sang, me with these people who left their warm homes and stood outside for half an hour together because it matters what we do. It matters that we try. It matters that we show up imperfectly, and that we do it Now.


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