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The Day’s Delight: Free Piano

There’s that joke about the banjo player who absentmindedly leaves the car unlocked… and returns to find two banjos inside!

Well, it turns out that if you ask for a piano, the same thing happens: how are they like barn cats– so many that people will give them away for free? (And, just as with barn cats, are you sure I can’t keep them all?)

I’m not moving until June 1st, but I thought I’d put feelers out, try to find a piano to make my new home a real home. (The only other requirement is houseplants, and, I suppose, a cat). A friend from the theatre said, “you can have mine,” so I went up to try it out after work. (I know any piano needs tuning after it’s moved, but I grew up with one that, while fairly in tune with itself was two or three steps off, and no amount of professional adjusting could budge it).

This one sounded good, bright– and loud! Turns out I’ve just never played a piano that wasn’t pushed up against a wall before.

So, I told her I’ll take it! She said that, depending on the size of the guy, it could be moved by two to four people. That’s a very reasonable amount of bribery baking to do, I think.

And then: music for the making– and a hot house’s worth of potted plants on top!


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