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The Day’s Delight: Fresh Coat

In spite of (or because of? Or completely independent of?) a lovely morning, I had a trailing feeling of needing a treat, deserving something— jewelry or sugar. But I walked around town and nothing tempted me, and I quickly knew the actual, true treat: painting my living room, which is to say: giving myself a beautiful and cozy home.

So, I did. Not perfectly, but we’ll, and transformatively. Not listening to music or a podcast, but just listening to the intermittent conversations and musings in my head, being present in my space.

Paint is a pretty great and immediate kind of magic. Yes, a second coat is needed. No, I am still not quite sure how I want to add the darker tone to create some depth and texture, but yes, to transform a space so immediately is a good and powerful thing– better by far than earrings or donuts.


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