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The Day’s Delight: His & Hers

Leland went out to water the trees this morning (which required a trip into Grant’s Pass for a part for the tractor), so Bernie and I chatted on the porch by the pond while the day was still cool. (I even had a glass of nostalgic cocoa with vanilla). Once thing led to another and… I ended up cutting Bernie’s hair. (Well, it wasn’t really on a whim, but that sounds more exciting).

The pond trickled in the background, hummingbirds zoomed past, and I snipped away until, voilà, a hilltop chic pixie cut was achieved!

Then, trees all saturated, Leland gave me a tutorial on his little Honda 150, and we headed down the gravel to the more beginner-friendly tar where I took over.

Leland rode behind me and I was reminded of when I was maybe fourteen and he let me take his old Yamaha out in the fields, with him first sitting on the back and leaning side to side to test my ability to keep the bike upright. (A few years later one of my sisters did not pass the test and, zooming for the front end loader, Leland dumped them both to avoid the collision).

It was so fun. So smooth and easy to balance, and, though I didn’t go much over thirty, dangerously easy to get comfortable going faster and faster. If I had money to burn and didn’t know without a doubt that my eleven-year-old would beg to drive it, I wouldn’t mind having one myself.

Maybe I can fund it with my new hair salon side hustle…


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