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The Day’s Delight: Home Haircut

I cut my own hair today. Not a trim, not a tidy up of the bangs, but four good inches, standing at the bathroom sink with the kitchen scissors.

I hesitated– because you’re supposed to, I guess. But life is a draft– so is a website, so is an essay, so is a haircut, so is a home.

So I cut it off. Lightened the load. And, oh, it felt good! I crowed with delight– and thanked my granny for her good curl that only shows itself when my hair is short: forgiving and bouncy and hard to mess up.

“Was that you I saw walking when I drove into town?” a friend asked; “Did you cut your hair again?”

Fresh as a pussywillow, as all the running streams and rivulets through gravel roads. Ready for a fresh start and an early, sunny spring!


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