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The Day’s Delight: Little Pink

I don’t generally text OMG– never, really.

But when I went to the local thrift store I not only found a sweet little blue and white striped loveseat (and matching ottoman) and a lounger futon for my deck, I bought a pink accordion!!

I was nearly ready to check out and was standing by the register when I look toy right, and there she was, a baby pink diatonic Hohner two-row accordion. Nevermind that the price tag was more than the furniture, she called to me.

I suppose many people never gasp with delight over an instrument that is the butt of many jokes– How do you tune an accordion? You throw it in the dumpster– but I had visions of my clown costume with a frilly pink crinoline, and moreso of all those melancholy Swedish folk songs that really could use a nice long drone note underneath them.

It’ll be my birthday at the end of the month. Though I’m a little worried about what else I’ll want to justify as a “birthday gift to myself,” I have no regrets about this one.


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