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The Day’s Delight: Monkey King

My child was in a play today, the culmination of two weeks of theatre camp, and he was so good.

He was the monkey king, the trickster who orchestrated everything, who made pearls and fighting staffs appear and disappear (some of which, I later learned, he wasn’t supposed to do, but people kept forgetting their props and so, in a way that feels very familiar to me, he jumped right in).

I didn’t even realize until the end that he had no lines. (He had nearly the whole play memorized). He scampered and leaped and waited in a half-crouch to communicate everything as he interfered with the human characters’ lives. Even if I wasn’t a theatre person I would have been proud– both to watch him move with such confidence on stage and to hear the rest of the audience gasp and clap at his antics.

And it was just fun to be a parent, melting slowly in the heat, watching the al fresco result of twenty kids and two weeks of summer camp.


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