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The Day’s Delight: No Remorse

The hedgehog and the child are not that different:

On the way to the bathroom I found: a buff, a yellow shirt (that still smells like sunscreen and thus has not been washed since the sailing trip), a pair of black pants, two socks, and green minecraft underwear (inside out), all laid like breadcrumbs from the piano to the bathtub.

“I got the idea from Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin tells his mom, ‘I’m taking a bath,’ and she says, ‘So I gathered.'” (Later, Ennis was totally surprised to find I hadn’t, like Calvin’s mom, picked up all his clothes).

And the hedgehog? Hippolyta explored her way right off the bed and landed with a gentle thud on the rug! Despite my warning noises and admonishments, If you can believe it. Just like a toddler she went back for more and I had to dive to the end of the bed to save her from herself.

Did anyone learn anything? Why, yes, I suppose they did. And by “they,” I mean “I”: animals and children have comedic timing that is not to be missed. And I’ll happily play the straight man to both for at least a while longer yet.


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