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The Day’s Delight: No Words

“Sister Amnesia!”

Someone who came through the office today had come to see “Nunsense” years ago– maybe five?– and he recognized me. From when I wore a habit, had to label my shoes ‘L’ and ‘R’ (I had amnesia), and sang a duet with a puppet.

I tried to write about being Sister Amnesia last night, but felt like I was experiencing it: it got too late to string together a cohesive thought, and all I could manage was to not click ‘publish’ on the seemingly drunken gibberish that followed the first paragraph. But that’s showbiz, baby! You hydroplane sometimes or bunt and hope it all lands in a bow at the end. Which reminds me of Sister Amnesia’s highlyand high — operatic finale to the solo/duet that got such a magnificent reaction from the audience that I actually forgot the words that came next– the only time in my life I’ve been thrilled to be speechless onstage).


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