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The Day’s Delight: Sea Legs

There’s a beautiful thing I didn’t (and couldn’t) know when I was younger: relationships can cycle back, just like any big idea or lesson or connection to place. They end, but they can return, resurface, reappear like a perennial plant on a rhythm all of their own that you didn’t know existed.

Death is not always Death.

I talked with a dear, dear, best friend today. We’ve circled and spiraled, ebbed and flowed over the last few years, and I wasn’t surprised that we came back together again, just delighted to feel the alignment of our lives and our loves now. It was a joy to share with her, to hear her familiar and lovely voice, to feel her enthusiasm for the new ways I’m playing and exploring and making art. To hear about her own visions, her kids, her notes from the summer (so many kindred images).

It is a beautiful feeling, generous and trusting to myself and to the Other to know with my body that letting go is not permanent loss, that all of this (life) and its purpose (being present and connection, I think) evolves. It moves. There is not a fixed point within or without or anywhere in sight.


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