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The Day’s Delight: Staying In

You don’t have to do all the plans.

Friends come to visit and you don’t have to see them if it doesn’t feel right. The point is the joy and the connection. The point is filling up, not running dry.

And that sometimes looks like buying groceries and nice drinks, and having a super simple supper with your kid (hot dog wraps and pickeld and green olives), and tidying up and putting down a rug, and reading on the deck while it’s still light out, and then watching the “epic battle scene” together in bed.

It can be finding the light bulbs and finally plugging in the lamp in the living room, watering the plants while on the phone with a friend, washing a load of laundry on the “extra small” setting, and easing into the evening on the gentlest slant of gin.

Sometimes going out just can’t beat staying in.


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