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The Day’s Delight: Sweetness on Top

Sweetness on top of sweetness.

We sat on the lichen-covered rocks below the house that has been mine for nearly half a year. The lake was constant. The sky was changing.

We made a visual prayer that looked like a mandala, and one layer added was for sweetness on top of sweetness: for all the goodness beyond what you might think you’re allowed to wish for or what you believe you deserve– or even what you can imagine to imagine.

That strikes a chord in me. So much of my life these days is richer, sweeter, deeper, and more beautiful than it had occurred to me, an almost professional Dreamer, to dream up.

The thing was, this prayer we kept adding to, it was an offering. Sweetness on top of sweetness isn’t selfishness at all, but exactly the opposite.


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