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The Day’s Delight: the Light that Lasts

The light lasted so long I was confused all afternoon– surely it wasn’t four o’clock already! It couldn’t be!

Time slipped past, riding, perhaps, on the fast North Wind, sweeping through the office every time the door opened, no matter how quickly or carefully it was closed.

It’s February now, and already eight days in. After all this dark, all these low, blanketing clouds, the world surprises us by shifting its angle and axis just like it has done for eons: we snap our heads up, marginally awake, aware that we have been called on and the class is awaiting our answer.

It’s always this: everything is new, always. Nothing, nothing, nothing is fixed. Everything comes back around again. So love what you love, with abandon. Hold close all that comforts you– you’ll be shocked no matter what, once Spring pulls the blankets off.

(But here’s the open secret: you’ll also be delighted, Every. Single. Time.)


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