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The Day’s Delight: Water-cooler/Campfire

A friend asked, “what’s something you’re grateful for today?,” and I answered, “my little work community.”

We were all tired and in favor of eating snacks and napping (snacks were purchased and eaten, but we soldiered on with all the consciousness we could muster).

It was a slow day for me, and when motivation is low and the phone doesn’t ring much I fall back on clearing out old computer files. This is usually not thrilling, and it’s not meant to be, but today I stumbled upon a true gem that rivals even the fantastic spam fax we got from “Claire Murthwaite of Murthwaite Manor, Scotland” via a number in Florida. (Spoiler, she was dying and all she desired was to find a good company overseas to give her millions to.)

That’s hard to top, but what I found looked like it had been run through Google Translate twice. It was a list of top ten questions to ask when interviewing a dental hygienist. Here are my favorites:

  1. Let me know about how you labored effectively pressurized.

  2. How can you handle challenging? Give a good example.

  3. Maybe you have designed a mistake? How have you handle it?

  4. Give a good example of the way you done team.

  5. Perhaps you have handled a hard situation? How?

I laughed so hard it made me sweat. My boss had tears running down her cheeks. Everyone gathered around (or I stuck it in their faces).

What is it about seeing a thing and sharing it and feeling others see it, too? This was so ridiculous, of no consequence, and yet such a Moment. Such a thing to share in a primal way, as if gathered near a fire, darkness all around, telling the stories of the day, the hunt, the forage, the wild world around us.

Those ancient versions of ourselves are just as human, just as petty, just as incredulous, just as fragile, just as in awe.


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