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The Day’s Delight: Well-Read

I stopped at one of the little free libraries in town– I love that we have many– and found two books who’s covers were worthy of judging. Not because they were beautiful, but because they told a story, too– they had seen things.

One was well-thumbed with silver duct tape along the length of the spine. The other had clearly been on the receiving end of a dog’s mischief and was missing a generous corner (and sporting puncture wounds). But most exciting was that inside the first book were four notes from previous readers:

Found in KoluPhangan, Thailand, left in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Found on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, left in Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia.

Found on Fiji, left in Wellington, New Zealand.

Found in Wellington, NZ, left in Grand Marais, MN, USA.

How could I not take it, simply for the company? For the invitation to go somewhere surprising and leave this book for someone else to find?

And perhaps having a reading date of quiet breathing and turning pages, with moments of reciting a particularly good line or two out loud, having someone to show this battered potential to was an excellent beginning.


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